I was in front of the most amazing waterfall ever. Pure water leaped like a ballerina, free falling from the tallest mountain i had ever seen. Taking its own sweet time to reach the ground, forming the most amazing and intricate patterns with its drops. And then it reached the ground with a joyous splash, joining its long, flowing body. The most beautiful birds in the most unusual colours flew around the lush green trees. Stunning white rabbits scurried out of their warm burrows to join the spectacle. Elegant spotted deer chewed on the light fluffy grass. And there i stood, in the midst of this humdrum…despite the animals and the sound of the water, it was silent. A silence that was soothing, a silence that made me forget who i am and what was going on in my life. I was just someone. A stranger to myself. I could be who i wanted to be. There was no one there to judge me. And then i heard those godforsaken words-“Wake up, Aru! Wake up!!”   

In just a single moment, my more than amazing dream world was crushed and crumbled and pushed underneath the folds of my brain. I could not remember it at all. I remembered it being peaceful and pretty but nothing else.

That’s how reality is. It won’t give you the time you need. But sometimes it wavers. It becomes kind because it pities you. 

So what i want to say is that Reality is really not that harsh. Its all just a myth. Even the truth is not that harsh just like the most strict teacher in your school is actually pretty funny. Like your strongest friend is actually weak on the inside. Like your sadness is actually a celebration of letting go. Things are not always the way they seem. 

The reality is what you don’t see…


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