Hey there people! So in this article I’m writing as Alexandra King in the movie The Descendants. For those of you who have not watched the movie, I’ll give you the background story. Alexandra King ‘s mother met with a boat accident and she’s in coma and they are planning on pulling the plug and letting her die. I just tried to imagine how Alexandra must be feeling and I wrote this. Hope you guys like it!

There she is….dying. My mother lies on the hospital bed, her mouth open, eyes closed. Motionless. I feel like she is dead already. The doctors say she can hear me. But how do they know? Maybe they are wrong. Maybe she died the instant that speedboat crashed onto her. Maybe she’s been dead for three weeks. Maybe I’ve been talking to a corpse.

My dad leaves me alone in the hospital room. Its just me and my mom. I sit next to her lifeless body and hold her hand. I make her hold me back. Just by touching her, I fell like she is alive. I squeeze her hand tightly, as if I can give her back her life by doing that. But I can’t. I can’t stop the tears although I try really hard. “Why?” I whisper to no one in particular.

I think about how my mother must have felt when that speedboat hit her. Did she think she would  die? Did she wish to not die? Did she think of me? Did she think about what would happen to us? Did she scream? Did she say goodbye to the world? I know people say that you can’t possibly think all of that in a fraction of a second. But how do people know?

There are times when you know you are going to fall from the cycle. Sometimes you know if a teacher is going to ask you a question. So many thoughts pass through your mind in that tiny amount of time.

It takes me a moment to realize that I’m not thinking about my mom anymore. That I have flown away from this sad hospital room. I look at my mom and, sadly, snap back into reality. My dad left me alone in the room so that I could talk to my mom. But I don’t know what to say. Goodbye? Thank you? I love you?

That’s when I realized that if I was so confused, it meant I didn’t have to say anything. So I got up from the bed, bent down and kissed my mother’s forehead. Then I let go of her hand….and maybe, just maybe, someday the sadness will let go of me.



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