crazy advice from me..number 1

Have you ever been in a situation where you are talking about someone and that person is standing right behind you? Here are a few ways you can save yourself from being embarrassed:

 # Tell that person you were talking about someone else who has the same name.

# Tell that person you were playing a prank on him/her.

# Be a nice person and own up to your mistake. (haha just kidding)

# Behave like nothing ever happened.

# Act like you have just got a phone call and slink away.

# Become unconscious. 

# Create a scene and cry your eyes out..that way people will be on your side.

# Tell that person that you know he/she has been talking about you behind your back..that way you are shifting the attention from yourself.

# The best and safest way-RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! 

P.S- Please don’t take my advice, you’ll get into greater trouble! 😛


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