a failed sketch

I love art. I can spend hours sketching and painting..but there are days when I really want to sketch something amazing and it just doesn’t happen. I sit down, I have a blank paper in front of me and, a well sharpened pencil in my hand and I’m ready! I’m ready to create something absolutely amazing..and then I go blank. I don’t have a clue what I want to draw. I’m just sitting there waiting for an idea! Then when I don’t get an idea, I go searching for ideas. Step 1 is listening to music. I try listening to all sorts of songs. Sad ones, happy ones and weird ones! Any ideas? Nope! Step 2 is going on the internet and actually google searching ‘ideas for a drawing’! I look at all the ideas on the internet and I know I can’t do them! I’m not trained so it is very hard for me to try out those ideas. Step 3 is going back to the blank paper, setting down the pencil and picking up a brush and some paints. But then I don’t know what to paint. So I just take a colour of my choice and paint the whole paper with it. So now I have a blue coloured sheet and I don’t know what to do with it!! Now we come to step 4 which is the final step. I crumple the sheet, throw it somewhere out of frustration, sit in front of the computer and update my blog! 


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